The 16th Florever Web Contest
Contest theme: “Occasions for giving flowers”


Noriko Ogawa
Noriko Ogawa

Flowering Japan Council, Director of Promotion Office
Flower scene producer

After graduating from the university, I spent 20 years at Wacoal Corp. and in the agriculture business and food service business for Kirin Brewery Company, Limited. I pursued marketing in its entirety. I participated in market surveys and in the development of brand communication for goods and shops.
Making good use of my experience with the promotion of new cultivars and the production of flower shops while employed at Kirin, I served as a leader from 2010 to promote "Flower Valentine." From 2014, I am at my present post.
I have a lot of design experience, which begins with flower training from age 23, and which also includes being a flower arrangement teacher, making artificial flowers for weddings, and producing booths at large-scale exhibits. Aiming at the creation of a new flower culture, I am presently in the middle of promoting the activities of "Flower Valentine," which supports men sending flowers, as well as "A Splendid Weekend with Flowers," which awakens a demand for home use.

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バナー ダウンロード


  • サイズ:180×180ピクセル

  • サイズ:194×194ピクセル

  • サイズ:360×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:422×59ピクセル

  • サイズ:570×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:800×364ピクセル





What is the Florever Web Contest?

The art of preserved flower arrangement was developed in Japan and has evolved dramatically since the first preserved flower contest in 2004. This is our 15th opportunity to showcase some of the most creative designs throughout the country.
The theme that changes every time is always exploring the possibilities of all kinds of preserved flowers.
All the selected 20 arrangements will be exhibited at the BROOKLYN BEAUTY / FASHION LABO in tokyo during the exhibition period.