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Occasions for giving flowers

〜Flowers for a special〜
〜Flowers for an ordinary day〜
〜Flowers can make an ordinary day to extraordinary〜

Winners Announced!

Each award was decided from the selected 20 works that passed the first screening.

Please propose a story of giving flowers of
your creating arrangement with preserved flowers.

The 16th Florever Web Contest


October 17th, 2019 (Thu) - October 23th, 2019 (Wed)
Venue: BROOKLYN BEAUTY / FASHION LABO in tokyo [Shinkiba, Tokyo] MAP


Noriko Ogawa

Noriko Ogawa
Flowering Japan Council, Director of Promotion Office
Flower scene producer


Web Contest Award (1)
Judge's Awards (1)
Sponsors’ Awards (10)
Total 12 Awards

All the selected work will be used in the Florever Calendar in 2020.
※All the selected participants will receive a gift.

Forest Princess/Mariko Niino

The 15th Web Contest Award
“Forest Princess”
Mariko Niino

Contest office

Florever Co., Ltd. Florever Web Contest
TEL: (813) 5244-4689 / FAX: (813) 5244-4690

バナー ダウンロード


  • サイズ:180×180ピクセル

  • サイズ:194×194ピクセル

  • サイズ:360×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:422×59ピクセル

  • サイズ:570×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:800×364ピクセル





What is the Florever Web Contest?

The art of preserved flower arrangement was developed in Japan and has evolved dramatically since the first preserved flower contest in 2004. This is our 15th opportunity to showcase some of the most creative designs throughout the country.
The theme that changes every time is always exploring the possibilities of all kinds of preserved flowers.
All the selected 20 arrangements will be exhibited at the BROOKLYN BEAUTY / FASHION LABO in tokyo during the exhibition period.