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The 18th Florever Web Contest

View from
the Window
of My Mind

The 18thFlorever Web Contest

View from
the Window
of My Mind

After a long time spent at home, we start to daydream a scenery that we want to see,
a city that we want to visit, and a place that we want to come back to.
It is the view that you see when you open up a window of your mind.
With a keyword of “window,” please create the view using our preserved flowers
taking new approaches combining flat, 3-dimentional and interspatial expression.

Winners Announced!

Each award was decided.
Winners works(JAPANESE)

With a theme of “window,”
please create a world that you see through the window of your mind.

The 18th Florever Web Contest

Application Period

August 1st, 2021 (Sun) - September 15th, 2021 (Wed)
※All application documents must arrive in our office before the deadline.




Floral stylist



Web Contest Award (1)
Judge's Award (1)
Sponsors’ Award (10)
Total 12 Awards

※Awarded workpieces will be used in the Florever Calendar in 2022.
※Awarded participants will receive a gift.

Garden mood

The 17th Web Contest Award
"Garden mood"
Asako Takatsuki

Contest office

Florever Co., Ltd. Florever Web Contest


バナー ダウンロード


  • サイズ:1080×1080px

  • サイズ:194×194ピクセル

  • サイズ:360×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:422×59ピクセル

  • サイズ:570×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:800×364ピクセル





What is the Florever Web Contest?

The art of preserved flower arrangement has been developed in Japan and has evolved dramatically
since the first Preserved Flower Contest in 2004.
This is our 17th opportunity to showcase some of the most creative designs throughout countries and regions.
The theme that changes every time is always exploring the possibilities in all kinds of preserved flowers.