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Flower Creations with Washi Masking Tape

The best creations submitted to this Florever web contest will be selected by online voting,
as well as by a professional judge in flower, arts, and crafts.
The theme of the 14th contest is “Flower Creations with Washi Masking Tape”.
Guidelines for applicants

Colorful and simple, Washi (Japanese Paper) Masking Tape can be torn by hand and is east to reposition.
The tape can be used on paper, objects and preserved flowers.
Letʼs combine them with preserved flowers to create a completely new design.

The 14th Florever Web Contest

Application Period

June 1st, 2017 (Thu) - July 18th, 2017 (Tue)
※All applications must be received before the deadline.


August 29th, 2017 (Tue) - September 8th, 2017 (Fri), 2017
Venue: Instituto Cervantes de Tokio (Ichigaya / Yotsuya, Tokyo) [ MAP ]


Koji Iyama

Koji Iyama
Art Director / Graphic Designer  iyamadesign inc.


Web Contest Award (1)
Judge's Award (1)
Public Award (1)
Sponsors’ Award (9)

All the selected work will be used in the Florever Calendar in 2018.
※All the selected participants will receive a gift.

The cooperative company
Boutique-sha, Inc.
Four Seasons Press Co., Ltd.
Sodo Publishing Co.,LTD.
The button, handcraft, sewing, Shimbun Company
(Alphabetical order)

Head dress “MORINOSEI”

The 13th Web Contest Award
Head dress “MORINOSEI”
Mariko Niino

Contest office

Florever Co., Ltd. Florever Web Contest
TEL: (813) 5244-4689 / FAX: (813) 5244-4690

バナー ダウンロード


  • サイズ:180×180ピクセル

  • サイズ:194×194ピクセル

  • サイズ:360×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:422×59ピクセル

  • サイズ:570×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:800×364ピクセル





What is the Florever Web Contest?

The art of preserved flower arrangement was developed in Japan and has evolved dramatically since the first preserved flower contest in 2004. This is our eleventh opportunity to showcase some of the most creative designs throughout the country.
Each year designers, both professional and amateur, continue to surprise us with their innovative ideas and inventive ways of using preserved flowers and is east to participate to this unique contest from website.
All the selected 12 arrangements will be exhibited at the Institute Cervantes Center in Tokyo during the exhibition period.