The 15th Florever Web Contest
Contest theme: “Housing & Preserved Flowers”


Fumio Tsukamoto
Fumio Tsukamoto

Living Design Center OZONE Director

After graduating art college, he worked as a display designer for various manufacturers. He has been involved in events, seminars and promotion planning for OZONE since its pre-opening in 1994.

He became director of OZONE in April 2013.

He is a part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University and Sugino Fashion College.

Takashi Fukui
Takashi Fukui


One of our senior designers, with varied experience in hotel flower decoration, handling wedding flowers at guesthouses, lecturing at Hibiya Flower Academy, and so on.

He currently works in the product planning division.

Besides designing different types of gift products to sell online, he is also active in collaborative performances incorporating music and flowers, endeavoring to enlighten others about flower culture. His style is precise yet delicate.

His policy is to create pieces that are not just beautiful, but resound in the hearts of those that view it, and cause them to smile without them realizing it themselves.

Those flowers, into which special emotions have been poured, go beyond just visual beauty and move people's hearts.

バナー ダウンロード


  • サイズ:180×180ピクセル

  • サイズ:194×194ピクセル

  • サイズ:360×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:422×59ピクセル

  • サイズ:570×80ピクセル

  • サイズ:800×364ピクセル





What is the Florever Web Contest?

The art of preserved flower arrangement was developed in Japan and has evolved dramatically since the first preserved flower contest in 2004. This is our fifteenth opportunity to showcase some of the most creative designs throughout the country.
The theme that changes every time is always exploring the possibilities of all kinds of preserved flowers.
All the selected 12 arrangements will be exhibited at the Living Design Center OZONE in Tokyo during the exhibition period.